Things with Stitching!

I've been going crazy with the sewing machine making many many little purses (which are totally for sale if you want any, by the way! But I'm going on vacation for a month and a half on Thursday...).

Of course, this new addiction could not be kept simply to purses. I have made myself a cute little polka dot dress!
I made it from start to finish! As you can see, it started with humble beginnings...
...they grow up so fast :')

 Must say, this is probably one of my proudest moments! haha
 I can't wait to wear it out! :)

Also, if you want one of the coin purses that I've already made (they're all approx. 4"x3.5"), I'm selling them for $10 each!
payment via PayPal

Only the one with the maroon zipper has a handle in this lot.
The green one with the stripped lining is on sale for 50% off due to a minor fault, but it's still super cute and in perfect working order.

Like I said, I'm only able to sell them until Thursday, then I'm on vacation. However, they'll be available again in September (as I'm going to buy a machine when I get back, I reckon...)!


  1. you're going on vacation for a MONTH AND A HALF!? Where are you going!?! W-wow!!! My longest was like...a week and a half...h-ha ;3;)

    this is AWESOME though omg! It must be so cool to be able to successfully make your own dress!! I'm impressed, it's adorable *______*)))

    your coin purses are SOOOO cute too ahhh! Nicole + sewing = so good ♥

  2. I'm just going back home for the summer! lol... not REALLY a vacation, I guess.. But..um..sorta!! lol
    Although I HAVE been on a month-long vacation by staying with family friends and house-sitting and such! economical! haha

    Aaah thanks!! x) I am sooo happy with it!! I was really pleased with myself. The bra bit is lined and everything! hahaha
    I've decided I MUST obtain my own machine when I get back somehow!! hehehe

    aaaaaaahahaha, thanks some mores!! ;u; ♥♥♥
    Let me know when you get yours!! I posted them the other day! x )

  3. This turned out amazing! Sorry I've been MIA! Work has sucked away all of my energy (but it's over on Friday so I'll be back into the swing of things), but I have to tip my hat to you because I can't sew at all and this is just great!