Comrade Orlan

Do you remember Jules Verne, my entry to the Mimobot contest? Well, Dan and I have designed an awesome little cosmonaut sporting a variation of the lovely new Russian Orlan space suit!
So please go vote him some love!!

I did the faces and the little replica patch on the left! (Yes, the patch you totally can't see because it's so tiny now, lol! But you better believe it's got epic detail! haha!) And Dan did all the actual work! lol!

And remember: you don't need to be a member of infectious. If you have facebook or twitter, you can also vote!

* * *

If you didn't realise, by the way (because some people didn't), the previous entry had more to it. You have to click "Read more" to see the full entry with review! The full entry will allow you to see the YouTube videos I posted as well (as they don't seem to be showing up on the main page.. Odd.

Also, I hope you all have noticed the nifty little "reactions" I've added to the bottom of each entry! If you can't be bothered to comment, just click one of the three little buttons instead.
Feedback is always good. But I know what it's like to be short on time (...or lazy lol).


  1. Love the direction you decided to go, dude.

  2. Thanks! Really Dan should get all the credit, though. I only did the faces and that logo and tried to help him decide on minor things... I'm crossing my fingers that it wins though!! x )