recession revisit

I had posted one of the recession pieces on dA and got some really good feedback from another Nicole (Nicoles must just know 'DA BIZ'! 'cause she knows 'DA BIZ'.....and..um.. I know 'DA BIZ' too, right!??....totally rhetorical!). She helped me out with some ideas on how to make the text POP more and just be funkier overall! I really liked the mock up example she did of it, so I did this and I think it works too:
What do you think? Too dramatic? Surely it's an improvement over the last version..? :/
click here to see the original (and to read the rationale)

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    we know it, HECK YEAH

    but dude, seriously, I'm actually kind of amazed how much just changing the text COMPLETELY alters the picture! (TEXT AS PART OF THE ART, DREAMY SIGH!) But really, it looks AWESOME like this, I think! I almost feel like this could be something we'd see commercially, it's totally more of an advertisement now. (:

    AWESOMMEEE can't wait to see more from you!! ♥♥♥

  2. !!thanks so much!! I'm doing a project now on a false campaign/campaign for nothing which might involve putting fake adverts up in public spaces and blah blah so I may revisit these just to print and post them... If nothing else, it'd be cool to see them posted around town...wonder how illegal that is ('cause you know everything is illegal these days. it's only a matter now of how much...)