Sacrifice in a Time of Recessions

I had a summer brief to do a few posters about the recession. Here's a peek at one of them at 20% original size.
Yes. They are all pirate themed.

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Rationale (boring thinking-behind-the-piece bit)
To me, the more enjoyable a poster – whether that is due to a narrative element, skilful graphics or clever poster concept – the more effective it is. The very idea of the recession is so commonly (and understandably) centred on money, business and general unhappiness; none of which are particularly uplifting. So with seemingly tenuous links, I infused the recession-influenced posters with pirates; fun and adventurous and spontaneous!
Foregoing what could have possibly been an arguably more poignant and serious angle with Somalian pirates or focussing on information piracy, I chose to keep it light-hearted as that type of recession poster seems rare and challenging: speaking about such a topic in such a manner without being inappropriate. Not to mention, doom and gloom is not the best hook for people (particularly not young people).
None of the posters directly reference the recession as I don't think using buzz words (which "recession" has become) is very effective. And each poster has very few words to allow the viewer to concentrate on the image and grasp a big idea in one concise sentence.

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Painfully relevant to my poor self at the moment. Siiigh. Someone find me a job. Or buy stuff from me... Or just give me free money...

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  1. Hurrr, I'm so digging this poster! The execution of it is so clean and I could totally imagine this being a poster around cities. I don't think your rationale is boring either.