Milgi, Northcote Lane

I have been preparing for Cardiff's Monthly Boutique Market Day!

The next one is 3rd October and I will be there with a whole slew of new purses AND (hopefully!) fresh new screen prints! Dan Hamilton will also be there with some goodies, as well as Helen Murdoch and Daf Jones. So if you can make it out, that'd be great!

However, if you can't make it and you want a purse or one of my (currently mysterious) screen prints, no problem. I'm also selling them online*! Screen prints won't be available until October, but purses are ready and waiting to be loved. SO if you want a purse, just scoot on over to the brand new page I made just for them.
*they will be sold at a discounted/promotional price at the market, though!

*click for shop

And I don't know if any of you remember that lovely Toyota sewing machine I wanted so badly, but my cousin and her husband decided to be super awesome and buy it for me for my birthday and it is so good! It just sails through everything(!) and is just generally a joy to be around.
And it looks so at home amongst all my clutter! haha

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