and in this corner...

I was doing this illustration when my Photoshop CRASHED and refused to save!
glorified doodle

And so now all I have left of it is this teeny tiny (partly unfinished) screen-capped version of it. I just hope whatever the problem was with Photoshop isn't a recurring one.

I'm going to be quite a busy bee today as I've got a lot to be working on at the moment. Competitions and exhibitions to enter as well as Cardiff's Monthly Boutique Market Day to prepare for and I'm actually really excited about starting third year!
I haven't been able to comment on as many other blogs and things as I'd have liked to recently. There's just so much exciting work coming from people these days. It's very inspiring! And it makes me want to be part of that :)

But it can be a little overwhelming as well...

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  1. aw, that's such a pity about the first drawing ;m; but i love it anyways, really love how you drew her legs <3 also love the graphic addition of the speech bubble.