Retro Sunday: 1

Sundays are so pleasantly laid back. I've just updated my CVs (general and art), floated around looking at new blogs and the like, and I've decided to add a feature to this blog that will (hopefully) make me post even more regularly. It's called...

I hope you enjoy this new segment.


  1. Some of these pictures made me giggle.

  2. hahaha! I'm glad! RETRO SUNDAY is meant to inspire and delight. The photos are all very carefully chosen :)

  3. LMAO I love the one of the guys on the diving board and the one with the dog at the end...I mean, just, wtf? WHAT DO THESE PICTURES MEAN! But...why are they so...beautiful... ... ...LOL!

    the thing that actually upsets me about retro-inspired art like in your preview image is a lot of artists draw the girls ridic skinny, just with unnaturally large boobs for their size. When most of the time the women actually looked [i]normal[/i] (and beautiful, imo) like in the images you posted. I'm sick of skinny stick girls with big boobs, I've only met one girl that looks like that in my entire life LOL...

  4. the first four and the last one are my personal favourites! hehehe
    Yeah, I know what you mean! At the same time, it doesn't annoy me. It just makes me laugh. It seems like such a weird phenomenon... and that 'body image'/'what-should-be' thing has evolved to something apparently different, but essentially the same today too. And odd though it may be, those exaggerations seem to emphasis what IS more than what people want to be to me. OH PEOPLE! WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!?
    I'm surprised more people don't seem to pick up the ironic parallel! lol
    ((Also...no offence to that girl you know, but I think the sight of her would freak me out a bit...)) :/