Why Don't You...

This is the beginning of my new project (part of my FMP)! I won't go into too much detail about it all now (for the sake of brevity), but I'll post more about my FMP and the thinking that goes behind it as I go along.
I'm really excited about these!
The purple print works very well (much better in person) and feels a little more 'weighty' than the yellow print...
...but the yellow one is more ironically fitting.

If you're interested in the meaning behind this particular print, I suggest you look into the song "Start Wearing Purple" - Gogol Bordello.
Incidentally, does anyone know what the non-English part of that song is saying?? Is that Slovak? Ukranian?? Internet translators have been useless :/


  1. I think its turkish, or.. that theyre roma. I think roma. I was introduced to their group years ago and my friends could translate them.:\ i can ask them lol. and btw i like the yellow more:)

  2. YES! Gogol Bordello! Score and a half! I like the yellow one cause it's easier to read. /shrug

  3. I love the yellow one! I think it's a little punchier, and I like that it doesn't go so literally hand-in-hand with the text.