Lula Girl

I think my personal style has changed a lot over the past few months. Well, no. It hasn't changed so much as I've been "exercising my right to express myself through the medium of fashion" to put it in the most pseudo-revolutionary and/or self-empowering-sounding way possible! haha
So, taking a tip from kantieb0, I think I may start drawing(/photographing?) my outfits and such...as I love them all so dearly.
...Does that make me sound shallow?? I don't mean to.. I'm not really... Hmm... Oh well, who cares! It means more art. Surely that's a good thing. All stigmas can be forgotten! HUZZAH!

And I suspect having now found Lula shall only exacerbate the problem...

What can I say? I like fashion. It's true :|


  1. i think that's a great idea, art is in the meaning, no matter how you express it! fashion can be very expressive!

  2. It makes me feel a bit shallow sometimes if I'm totally honest...but that's just a horrible irrational stereotype. I drive it from my mind! x)