Pouffy Pleaty Project

I just finished making this bag today!

 I used Lisa Lam's For Pleats Sake pattern for the most part, but obviously liberties were taken (particularly in the straps department...). I kind of wish I could keep it - my first bag of its kind. Alas, it is not for me.
It was challenging in parts, but overall, super fun! I think I enjoy a good sewing challenge anyhow. And it feels so good when it all comes together.

It took me three go's to get the pearl prong snap done without a set of snap pliers. (Instead I used a thread spool and a hammer! haha!) Well worth the trouble, I think!


  1. This is so great, i love the pleats, i like pleats - voluminous (is that the right word to say full of squishy full yummyness)

    fantasticalness xx

  2. thanks, louise!! :D
    and I've been loving your embroidery! wanting to try a bit of it myself.. some day.