Happy Fwah-Fwah!

Happy Last/Twelfth Day of Fwah-Fwah!

he is mixing up seasonal treats
"you may be wondering...why am I surrounded by chickens and bread... well the answer is simple.
it is now the year TWENTY DOZEN! Rejoice! And we all know that eggs, which come from chickens - chicken BUTTS to be precise! - and bread are the international symbols for 'DOZEN'. "

"so as I sit amongst the chickens leaning their ways... (donning my brand new chicken suit I made especially for the occasion...) I try to think of ways to celebrate this magical year of such excitement and mystery!
others may consider this the year of the dragon or the year of the end/apocalypse/whatever. But not me! To me, it is the year of the CHICKEN! (not rooster. they just make noise, not eggs.)
symbol of the year of the dozen"

This was all inspired by my friend D'André! I wonder if she knows...

* * *

And, since I spent Christmas on my own in a foreign country this year, I had my Christmas dinner on New Year's Eve with Dan instead...and it was awesome!

chicken (because the turkey was sold out lol), stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes roasted in goose fat, broccoli and cauliflower, and a lovely Hungarian wine.
so good.
Plus I have a treat to reveal to you all in a few days. I'm really excited about it!

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