Holga, baby

I don't remember if I ever mentioned it, but I got a Holga 135 camera a while back.

Its chunky post-apocalyptic 80's retro-future aesthetic seemed to resonate with my soul and somehow this lovely piece of 80's tack captured my heart even more than the much more elegant, 60's chic Diana F+/Mini to which it is often compared. I have since become an advocate for Holga cameras.*

And here, a useful 'modification' I might add to my Holga later:
Paroneiria - Martin Hayes
*I also own a Holga Micro which takes the most charming (almost-)square photos.

So I took a whole load of photos with Miss Holga using some redscale film, but none of them turned out which was rather disappointing as it was a whole roll of goodness. However, since the roll was ruined and you lack the technology (at present) to delve into my memories (consensually only, of course!) and retrieve the missing moments, you will have to do the best you can with your imagination instead.
You may choose to imagine it like this for example to express the Holga's mastery of the art of the double exposure:

But with less creatures 'cause I don't think I took any snaps of owls or badgers or mythical beasts lately on account of I didn't see any of those things lately... or ever in my life (....YET!).

Some of my other photos turned out pretty well, though. And this roll has a whole field full of sheep and a duck in it! So yeah!

In the meantime, I am going to be snapping more pictures of the upcoming treat I mentioned in the last post and getting ready for the big reveal! I hope you are excited :)

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