Family road trip around Europe (photos)

(I'll make this brief, but there were hundreds!)

We flew to Amsterdam then drove straight from there to Germany.
We stayed in a castle in Colmberg, Germany! (above)
The castle had been converted into a hotel. Inside was just as castle-y as outside(!), but with modern conveniences such as plumbing!
Drove through Liechtenstein (above)...
And through the Swiss Alps (above)...
And through Pisa (above)...
Went past Lake Como where we stay for a night then drove into our lovely villa in Vicchio (above)
I had a romp around Florence (above) on my own
Then we drove into Vienna (above and below) and checked out some museums
Then we drove into Hungary (below) where we spent the most of our time.
Hungarian National Art Gallery (above)
The Hungarian Parliament building (above)
RUSSIAN TANK! Google: Hortobágy
The view from Eger castle (above)
Heroes' Square (above)
And sunflowers taking over the Hungarian countryside.

Sorry for the long break, but this was such a brilliant vacation. I absolutely love travel.
Next post is either vacation sketchbook or robot photos from the museum in Vienna! haha

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