plannin' treats

Someone sent me this link and now I'm in love with this band:
Oh, it's love. It's love.


  1. Hahaha ! Tes dessins distribuent de la bonne humeur !!!

  2. Dude, Nicole, I'm digging this. I know I've been away (again), but I am LOVING the retro sundays and I feel like you're really honing in on what you do and who you are and this blog has such a strong voice that is so clearly you. Keep it up. I like that header a lot too.

  3. hehe, merci! j’espère de faire un BD aussi bientôt... bientôt....

    Hey, Chelsea! Yeah, I know how hard it is to keep up with people/blogs! I follow about a hundred odd blogs and try to stay on top of everything, but it's just hard man! I'll make notes to get back to some and comment and then I duno what happens. It's like the world is slipping away from me RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!! lol! Anyway, thanks so much for saying so! I've been really thinking about lots of things artistically concerning the way I do and present things. I've still got ages to go before I can feel like I'm making headway, but I'm SOOOO pleased that you've seen some of the effects of my efforts already!! 8)