maggie and milly and molly and may

current project: Making Meaning & Complete Myths:
illustrating the E. E. Cummings poem "maggie and milly and molly and may
" for an adult audience. +incorporate The Idea of Logical Proof

I'm still not positive how I'll incorporate the Idea of Logical Proof.. Not so much because it's difficult to do, but I just haven't thought much about it yet.

Here are a few of the first preliminary/brainstorming sketches (before we were given our "Idea"s):
I tried working with colour as well.
..a bit.
Then I decided I wanted to make a little book or something so here's what a page of that book might look like:
page 2
(that's not the font I would use for this, by the way; it's just there to clarify with which lines the image corresponds)
Excerpt from my rationale: "A personal aim for this project was to create something 'real' (book, animation, etc.) with a purpose (chapbook/visual poetry book, visual poetry animation, TV show trailer storyboard/animatic, etc.)."
Honestly, at this point, I'm still not totally positive to what end I'm working... But I'm gonna keep truckin' and see what happens, eh? :D


  1. Great draws...

    I'm back on the web, i've got a lot of posts from you to read! Yay! :D

  2. waah mercimerci!
    au moment, je sens très productif; je veux lire/dessiner/respirer l'art o_o hihi

    ah moi aussi, jai bcp de blogs à lire! hehehe
    je devrais les feuilleter bientôt..avant je perds du vue encore! xD;;

  3. these look amazing! the last illustration has so much movement and life in it, in a creepy/macabre way!