To twit...Or not to twit?

That is the question.

Actually, the question is "What's the point of Twitter?".
I don't understand.. I know virtually nothing about it other than it is the status part of Facebook. Social networking and such is important for artists and all that, but is it worth becoming a Tweeting Twitter Twit? :/

Hmm.. I have my doubts...


  1. found you here too~

    i know quite a few people with twitter and they all either love it or say it's utterly useless. i don't se the point either, honestly

  2. AH, HEY!! :D

    yeah, it's phenomenon that, quite frankly, I just don't understand at the moment...

    more importantly, though(!), do you still have bright pink hair?? 'cause that really suits you so well!♥ x) hehe

  3. XDD it's faded at the moment, but it's still pink-- that icon is an old pic of me from like 2 years ago. i might change it soon tho >____> i donno