not much to say yet

Okay, first week back complete! I've been reluctant to post any entries as I have nothing to post! I have no pictures, no photos and nothing to say. For this, I sincerely apologise. I can, however, promise you that there shall be things to come shortly (possibly as soon as next week).

In other - non-art-related - news, I bought myself a lovely (but expensive) dress. Its loveliness shall distract me from the price tag...(oh dear!). I don't do things like that often, though. And I'll make up for it by not buying anything else for a while so I figure it's okay.
But I can't say it was exactly an "impulse buy"! I'd been eyein' it up since June and pining for it all summer...hoping against hope that it would be there when I returned and be one of the pieces affected by the "70%off sale" that was going on storewide.. Seriously! Why is it the thing you want most is almost always immune to the sale tags!?? Criminal.

Anyway, these things are far less interesting to you than to me and far more suited to my personal journal than my art blog so I shall be off now and leave you to ponder the goodies I have in store for you in the form of ideas and (at this point, undrawn) pictures! Oouulaa!

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