Year 2 show

Year 2 show coming up so I'm busy as fook!
...working with groups - particularly large, very diverse ones - can be very, very frustrating...

The Birds project (Dec 2009)

More importantly, though, I want to try my hand at screen-printing (still!) and I've been looking for a job (still!) that allows me to be creative...or at least one that allows me to exercise my social skills, so I can make a bit of money and not starve to death in the coming weeks.

Also, I've been thinking about what happens after uni... that magical place of true independence, poverty and wonderment...


  1. Take lots of pictures! I wanna see the show!

  2. Yah, man! Pictures of the show as well as photos of me and Dan Hamilton workin' on some screen printing (sick shabizzle) and stuff! 8)