Mystics & The Occult

And now the time has come to reveal the second piece I will have on show as part of Light Grey Art Lab's Tarot, Mystics & The Occult exhibition.

This one is a diptych. In the modern sense of the word (so wiki tells me).

Each of the Tarot cards (78 pieces illustrated by 78 different artists) is available to buy right now as a poster - like my 8 of Pentacles. Or you can get a deck with all 78 cards! And pieces (like above) which are part of the Mystics section of the show are also available for purchase at the Light Grey Art Lab SHOP.

If you aren't able to check out the show in person (like me :( boo!), then have a good look through everybody's cards and extras. A lot of very talented people have done a fantastic job on their contributions to the show. I wish I could have a poster of each piece!

* * *

Also(!) last week Wednesday, my studio (Morgan Arcade Studios) had its first Open Day as part of the Cardiff Design Festival and it was really fun. Precedent brought over a group of bodystormers and lots of great talks about illustration and design were had. Check out this lovely blog post written and photographed by Amy Davies for the Cardiff Arcades Project. Such great photos of our beautiful studiooooo!

I know that's a lot of links, guys, but each one's a gem so get clickin'! ;)

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