I'm trying to reign in a foul mood brought on by saving over an image I was working on with a smaller version of it, but actually some great things have come to pass in the last few days. Besides, it was just a practice piece to get comfortable with working on a graphics tablet again. After my graphics tablet freaked out and my computer exploded (unconnected events) I got a Wacom Bamboo tablet to replace my 9(nine!) year old Wacom Graphire3.

Also, can anyone tell me why the colours in the above image have turned out flat and weird? When I open the file in Photoshop the chair is more red than brown (as it's supposed to be), but when I upload it here or elsewhere it's brown and the whole thing looks a little flat..?

I think I actually prefer this cut-off version to the whole thing...might do something with it.

YET, for some reason, when I screengrab and compare the two there's a definite (to my eye) difference and the redder chair doesn't turn all flat/brown in the screengrab.. what do??

On another note, this image was born of the sketch that made me realise that I really like drawing comfy chairs...

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