Empty Lolita

I actually didn't expect to make another Illustrator post so soon, but I am still pluggin' away at it.

Today I was doodling lots of little things and one was a little book cover/poster for a book I will probably never read (no offence, Vladimir Nabokov...also sorry I forgot to slap your name on the doodle). I quite liked the sketch so I did a version in Illustrator.

I don't know if the Illustrator doodle is as clear as the pencil sketch (she is sitting at a desk), but  I'm thinking maybe I'll do more of these quick book-inspired illustrations just for fun and practice.

However, that's not ALL I did with my week! Yesterday I sat down and taught myself some InDesign by revamping my illustration CV. I'm still not totally pleased with it yet, but it's not bad for a first try. I hope to be able to use these newfound skills I'm cultivating to help me realise more of my ideas because I've got a lot of 'em! (And too many only half-baked...!)

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