Arranging My Home Studio

OK so I set up my home studio at the beginning of this month (after having moved all my stuff from my city centre studio between Friday and Sunday, boo!) and, as it so happens, "hourly comics day" was on the Saturday. Well, I've never done the hourlies challenge before and I didn't do too well this time (only jotted a few sketches really), but I decided to carry one of the sketches to final.

I quite like the finished piece. I enjoy attempting these little challenges. I might try "witchsona" next...

((And, in case you were wondering, that cropped knit pullover is from Urban Outfitters and it's in the sale right now.))

I've been planning things and doing a lot of  personal drawing/design exercises recently. I'm hoping to have more visuals to show more regularly as it's been a little quieter than I'd like on the blog of late. One thing I'd like to do more of is patterns and lettering (though the latter to a lesser extent perhaps) so I'll try to post some of the process/experiments along the way.

Here are some photos of the home studio...

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