I quite like paintchat, but I haven't done it in years. So yesterday I tried it out again. The tools all feel a bit different from oC and there's no 'undo' button, but you can draw with people, see what other people are drawing and how they work, and do collabs. And chat, of course.
It's weird how my paintchat stuff is always either just sketchy grey outlines or super out-of-character colourfulness haha!
Anyway, if ever you want to join me for a session, I'm either here or here. Or let me know where you usually hang out :)


  1. How I love your dragon! :)

  2. Awesome!!! Love that schoolgirl~

    Ahh, I wanna pchat with you! You should give me your AIM SN and we should DO ITTTT!

  3. You're just all sorts of awesome, aren't you?