Scatter (and Barca) +photos

I have a lot I could rant about and post and such, but I'll try to be brief (because no one likes having to trawl through too much mindless babble, do they?).

So the show has come and gone. Above is a photo of me and Dan's piece (unfortunately, it isn't a very good quality photo...).

Closeups of my astronaut man!
(the photo below is of one of the astromen who did not make the cut for the show, though)

For close ups of the jet you'll have to eagerly await the return of Dan's blog.

And here's Dan with our poster!

We've got two more copies of it; one is a matte A1, the other matte A2. The A2 one was free because it was mistakenly printed (as we had asked for A1). Was thinking of retro travel adverts while making this (the character's outfit is very '70s stewardess).

I wrote the following rationale 8)

Space Plane
Daniel Hamilton and Nicole Miles
Nothing is impossible in the world of tomorrow. Intergalactic space tourism is on the rise and you’ve got a ticket to ride. The space plane has seen a spike in popularity as great as its arched contrails into the heavens. Low-cost outer-atmosphere airlines fight for the opportunity to break your space-hymen*!
The epitome of Naughties’ technology is ghosted by the regularity, ease and comfort with which today’s space plane flies among the stars. Never before have holidays been so ‘out of this world’.
*which had to be changed to: "Low-cost outer-atmosphere airlines fight for the opportunity to be the first to take you out of the world and to the next."

The original (though maybe a little rude, I thought had a bit more attitude and was funnier/punchier... but it, understandably, could not be published... haha!

* * *

Also, I forgot to post Barca photos.. So, at the risk of crowding this blog entry, I post a few photos from Barcelona.

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