Sketchbook up for grabs

forty-six page A6 sketchbook filled with my sketches
£55 incl. s&h

(preferable methods of payment: paypal or international money order)

The following are examples of the kind of content in my sketchbooks (although nowadays my sketches tend to have more colour in them).

Those sketches are not in the sketchbook I will be selling. In fact, none of its contents has ever been posted online (oooh! exclusive, one-of-a-kind, mysterious merchandise!).
I'm very(!) attached to each of my sketchbooks and I don't like parting with them, so I really hope it is treated with the same love and respect that it would receive in my care.


  1. :O want. I need to scrounge about for a while, but I'll be in touch.

  2. I'm surprised you're only selling the sketchbook for 55. I sent you a message on DA requesting more details. Is it autographed as well? I love your art, Nicole!

  3. Hello. my names colette, and im like trying to decide where i should go next year to study illustrationn :), i've got like an offer from bristol and cardiff, but i still dont know. might sound a bit weird comin from someone you dont know but i wondered weather you could fill me in with what your favourite things about studyin at cardiff are? i'm not like mental or anything, i promise!

  4. @kantie: Gimme a shout! ;)

    @Aku: I've just replied to your note on dA. And, yes, it can be autographed if you want! I like to leave messages to people whenever I send things as well anyway. AND (maybe I should have mentioned this) there will be a free print with it :D

    Hey, Colette! there's lots I could say about this sort of thing (not just being at Cardiff but about making those sorts of choices as well... I got into a few schools and I can let you know what helped me decide where might be best for me). If you want to just drop me a line at ni.di@hotmail.com, go right ahead :)