Recently we've had a (mandatory) live brief with Egmont (via uni) to "design an illustrated Christmas 3-d object suitable for a child to create out of a single flat piece of card". I have so much fun with things like this. I just love it!
elf with a jet-pack (His name is Christopher. Named by Helen)
I'd done something similar in college where I had to create a frog box, but this was even more fun. Most people just used nets they found online then wiped and resigned them, but I made my own net from scratch to my exact measurements and such! That meant testing and adjusting which can be tedious, but it's all part of the process I think and still very fun...even when you get it a little wrong. And, at the risk of sounding cocky, I'm fairly good at judging/measuring so I never really have to make major adjustments anyway (hehe).
More shots of the little guy:
I've added a string to the back so he can be hung up on the tree and he can fly about with his shiny Christmas-Green jet-pack! I'm probably going to send one or two net sheets home to my brother for him to make and a few friends will probably receive one as a little surprise too! hehe (depends how many I can afford to get printed...).
Egmont will be choosing two people to take up summer placements and those people's designs (and presumably any others that Egmont like) will be included in Egmont's Christmas activity book. Very good opportunity that simply had to be taken advantage of! Incredibly stiff competition, though. Can't honestly say I'm that optimistic about poor little Christopher Elf's chances, but we can dream... And I'm very pleased with/proud of Christopher in any case.


  1. ADORABLEEeedfhdjfhd omg! I love things like these, so fun and cute. ♥
    I looked at your frog one and the calculations and measurements about killed me. I can't understand stuff like this LOL! <--simple
    anyway, thanks so much for sharing this, I hope you get picked!

  2. Alas, the messy nature of my notes probably makes it look more complex/intellectual than it is... haha! the measurements near enough killed me too, though. At one point I just couldn't get the numbers to add up and I frustratedly went through printing/testing out the frog box five times before it worked! siiigh... b-but Christopher only needed to be tested once before he was sorted! eeeeeey! ;D hah
    thanks, man; it'd be so ace to get the placement. but like I say, it be stiff competition! wish I could show you some of the others; really cool stuff.

  3. IRRRRRKKK !!! C'EST TROP MIGNON !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is rad! I made something similar to this on Christmas 2009! I like making 3D things because it challenges you to make something illustration-y outside of our usual 2D realm. Very cool!

  5. I'm a paper toy collector, would you happen to have a template of the little guy? I'd like to make him and add him to my collection!

    scarlettintangles @ gmail.com


    1. HELLO!
      Sorry to get back to you so late, but I'm planning to print and send a few of these out for Christmas anyway. Email me your address and I can send the template straight to you :)