Natural Collection

Your standard spot illustration, but I had fun with this one. It started out as rather a pain and I'd done a lame planty tendril running through the article (which didn't work and was just annoying to try to fit properly and... just ugh!). I think I've got it working in much the direction I want now.
I hope it's elegant-looking enough. I might add a planty border (unless I decide that's too tacky! haha).

edit: I updated my portfolio, so please check it out when you get a chance :)


  1. awesome!! All the hair details look great ;w;)))

    +++NICOLE I GOT YOUR PRINT OMG I DIED it looks SO GOOD!! What do you want me to send you??? Thanks SO MUCHHH you're so sweet, I wasn't sure if you wanted to trade or not either, so I said nothing...LOL! I'm glad you made a move though...haha! Let me know!!! ♥

  2. Ahhh I love it! I like that it's very intricate but not overwhelming, which I think is kind of important with most spot illustrations... I also really love your figure stylization, it's always very cute and eye-pleasing. <3

  3. AAH!! Thanks so much guys!! I was a little unsure about this brief on the whole (I duno why, but spot illustrations always do that to me...like there's a challenge to be dynamic or smart-looking or...something? I duno).

    Also, Nicole, you can send whatever you want, man! All you do is always really funky. I'd be happy to get a back-of-book scribble done in ketchup (well..maybe something less sticky/messy than ketchup...). Hahaha, I was unsure as well, but I thought "hmm..I like sending letters... 8) Hopefully she likes getting them!!" hahah!