I had this idea that I want to turn into something (add colour, develop the 'plot', etc), but for now I'm just going to leave these drawings right here.
1, 2, 3, 4...
I've also got some (simple) ideas for patterns that I'd like to try soon! Courtney had a go at a repeating pattern the other day and it was pretty sweet so now I've got the pattern-making itch!

Unfortunately, the other day my laptop wouldn't turn on and it started to smoke and stink like brimstone, which I'm told means there's a problem. Dan took it completely apart for the second time in its sad little life...and then a third time (luckily I was not at home to witness this horror). Now it's apparently fixed (though mostly exhausted of power after its ordeal), but I need to get a new adaptor and can't use it until that arrives... Whoever said being a freelance illustrator wasn't frightfully exciting and wrought with all sorts of perilous adventures never met me! *soft weeping in the background*

No matter. Mark my words, I shall not be defeated by this minor setback...!

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