Women Warriors!

Really awesome lady knights Abby, Julia and Roxie are putting together a super hardcore WOMEN WARRIORS zine for MoCCA in NYC and they invited me to contribute!!! YAAAAY! This is my contribution:

Based on Woman Warrior, Yennenga
The contributor's list is phenomenal(!) and intimidatingly good. I've seen some other people's stuff and it is jaw-dropping.

I really love being involved in fun collaborative projects like this! It makes me feel less removed from what I perceive to be the fun illustration party of living somewhere like New York and illustrationing it up while hanging out with super cool and super friendly fellow illustration souls.... Zines like this bring me closer you you guys :')

( ◉㉨◉)

Also, I made my first ever seamless repeating pattern in about 10minutes. I will definitely be doing more with patterns in future!

Oh yeah, my computer is still dead as a doornail, but THIS WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!


  1. wO! that's interesting to see shoes pattern design!
    Love your illustration work as well!